Saturday, November 3, 2007

On Assignment - Barangay Election

Note: This photo assignment was self imposed. After I finished my photography workshop, our batch made an online forum to continue sharing our "knowledge". I started the On Assignment thread so we can still continue shooting with a purpose on mind. My main intention was to explore all categories of photography (fashion, sports, portrait, photojournalism, etc).

For our 1st assignment - Barangay Election [October 29, 2007].

"Lola! Dito ang botohan!"
"Yoko ditong bumoto, ala akong kasama...""Nay magkano bigay sa inyo dun sa labas?""Ayos! P500 din to!""Kami din, boboto!""Buti na lang binoto ko si #$%@, may libreng pagkain..."

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