Monday, May 21, 2007

Push Play

Did you took the psychological exam companies usually give when you're applying for a job? Show an abstract picture and what's the first thing that comes in your mind? Goat, pig, ant, book, knife, helicopter, your mother's face, depending on how you see these pictures can say alott on how you are. A leader, painter, carpenter, solder, killer.....

With this, I adopted the same method. I went to Corniche (why in Corniche, I have no other choice! F@#$!) and took shots of anything that have a strong source of light like light post, cars, boat (you get what I mean...) and shake my camera after I release the shutter button. This method produced a quite interesting array of light play. So, what comes in my mind with these set of photos....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Another Friday -- Souq Wakef

"i don't care if monday's blue, tuesday's grey and wednesday too, thursday i don't care about you, it's friday i'm in love...." The Cure

It's Another Friday and I'm stressed out on how to combat the deadly boredom. After lunch, I told my self better go back to Alfardan Souq and photograph all the street and traffic signs. This idea was good until I went outside my villa and the heat slashed my skin! Bloody Hell!!! So I braved the 10 minute walk to the bus stop (BLOODY HELL!) and waited another 10 minutes (BLOODY HELL!) for freaking Karwa Bus to arrive. QR 2.00 from Matar Qadeem to Alfardan Souq is cheap considering the bus is quite comfortable for a short ride.

This bus stop is very interesting among all the bus stops I passed by on the way to Alfardan. Why? This is the only one with trees planted on the sideway. I remember one movie by Meg Ryan which have the same view and I wanted to capture the same thing. And behold... I saw it here in Qatar! Bloody Hell!

[Note: I'll post the street signs shots I took some other time. I'm still compiling decent pics.]

It's by walking around that I noticed a long line of store that is newly painted. At first I didn't knew that it was the Iranian Souq my Malaysian friends were referring to. I went inside and was surprised and marveled on the design of this market place. Most of it was still under construction or still not yet occupied by merchants.

I think the architect who designed this suoq wants to achieve semi-authenticity of how the souqs look years ago like wood extending from the walls, color of the structures and box type design (am I an architect?! Bloody Hell!!!)

Souq Wakef was built for tourist! Most of the stores sell middle eastern souvenir items. Such as lantern, carpets, shisha, furniture, paintings, etc.

This is the best place to drink tea and smoke. A shaded and open air tea house. Too bad they don't offer beer here... Bloody Hell!!!

These 3 guys spotted me taking shots at one of the stores there and asked me if I can take their picture. They're very friendly considering most of them shy away from my camera.

To end the day, I went inside a restaurant just starting to open. It's already past 4pm and I'm really thirsty and hungry. Really cool and quite, just the way I wanted.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Souq Again

Friday is the most .... how can I say this without being too sarcastic.... it's just plain boring. I woke up late, had my brunch then let the tv watch me fall asleep. That's how most of my Friday is spent. Isn't that great! So to break the chain, I decided to brave the scouring heat, took the Karwa bus to Alfardan Souq. I brought along my Canon EOS 350D, Sigma 17-70mm and Sigma 70 - 300mm just for fun! Below are the results of breaking the boredom chain....