Thursday, April 19, 2007

Al Matar Al Qadeem

Al Matar Al Qadeem
Aside from Lulu Hypermarket, this is the best place to go to. Well, their ain't much interesting places near my villa so its either Lulu or Matar Qadeem.

Al Matar Al Qadeem or Matar Qadeem as the locals call it, is a long street full of Indian's, Sri-Lankan's, Bangladesh and Nepalese stores ranging from curry restaurants, barber shops, surplus store, internet shops, hardware stores, etc. Name it, Matar Qadeem have it.

This is where you can usually find me after I have my dinner at Habeeb Turkish Restaurant. I read my Qatar Tribune and have 2 cups of milk with tea. Yes, its "milk with tea" not the other way around. Its so sweet that sometimes you can't taste the tea. Some barber shops serves tea also. Anyways, the location of this place is very good. Located in the corner, all people pass by this restaurant.

Pictures below are some of the stores you can find in Matar Qadeem. The street has a diverse collection of establishments.

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Anonymous said...

Earl, sino naman yang mga poging nakikit ako dyan sa picture mo? hehehe joke lang! pero mas pogi ka sa kanila! from ERLIN